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ADEC Traffic Detectors

ADEC Technologies AG is one of Switzerland’s leading manufacturers of innovative traffic and parking detectors. Installers and integrators worldwide turn to ADEC when looking for reliable and proven technology for their traffic and parking management solutions. We are distributor of ADEC Traffic Detectors in the Nordic countries. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

We offer several solutions and devices for monitoring of Vehicle Count, Speed, Length with High-Accuracy.


Preferred option for: Count, Speed and Vehicle length. Solar- or battery-powered installations. Multi-Channel Passive-Infrared Detector: Car breaks sequen tially through detection zones. Speed, length & occupancy calculated through delays and strengths of signals. Acquires each vehicle’s speed and length. Allows custom length-based classification. High-Accuracy. Ultra-low power consumption <60mW. Wide mounting range: 5.5 to 18 m mounting height. From as low as 45º angle of inclination (near lane only).

TDC3 Series

Multi-technology Detector: Doppler radar, ultrasonic, passive infrared. Output: Per vehicle class & speed. Mounting: Overhead at 5 – 7.5 m (16 – 25 ft.) above the lane. One detector per lane. Main Features: High classification accuracy 80 – 99.6%. Speed error – 2.1% (2.4 km/h < 100 km/h). Accurate count of lane-changing vehicles.

TDC4 Series

Same detection geometry and features of the TDC3-Series. Build-in color camera captures JPEG pictures for verification of irregular traffic conditions or upon request. Pictures transmitted via RS 485 (TLS user-data frame).    

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